Saturday, March 29, 2014

Going back to my roots in more ways than one

The entrepreneurial bug has bitten me and I can't shake it. I keep starting projects that I think could be turned into something, but no lightning strikes yet. I am not shaken and my vision is clear. I will start something cool. When I do, it will likely be a mix of my tech savvy and my passions.

Anyone who knows me knows how ADHD  eclectic that range is. The thing I am working on right now is something that combines several of those passions and I am using some of my new skills that are actually quite old. 

I started doing web stuff in the mid 90s and started doing JavaScript in the late 90s to early aughts. JavaScript sucked, wasn't safe and almost never delivered the same results between browsers. DOM manipulation was wizardry that took enormous effort and was seldom worth the effort. CSS wasn't a standard, it was a notion. I wrote a booking engine for that used what would become known as AJAX that I ultimately had to abandon because I had to write a version per browser. I hated web. I wanted out.

Then, I went C#. I worked without much soul for quite a few years. I learned all of the "right" way of doing things. Finally, I have come full circle. 

Now the project I am starting has moved back from C# land and into Web 2.0 SPA land. My world is over-flowing with buzzwords that end in -ify and -tly. Open source champions are made overnight on GitHub. It is intoxicating to see the amount of energy being poured into something I was once very passionate about.

As I develop the app, I will give snippets and lessons learned here. All 40 of you who read it may find it dull or maybe not. Let me know :D