Sunday, February 2, 2014

My new Nissan Versa

So, against my better judgment, I got a new car. I was shopping for a used car as I don't like to pay four grand for a carcinogenic "NEW CAR" smell. I have been shopping for a car for almost six months. I am patient. I like a great deal. The only thing I really cared about with this car was the MPG : sticker price ratio.

I figured that the best time to buy would be at the turn of the year when the 2013s and 2014s would be on clearance. I shopped Ford, Honda, Hyundai and Kia. Reliability is a thing for me. I don't count interior trim in my estimation of reliability. I view cars in the same category as my hammers or power tools; disposable necessities that should last a long time and not break down. How pretty they stay is the last thing I care about.

My 2001 Altima has 120K miles and still runs great, but only gets 20mpgs. I needed to double this due to my new commute. That made the MPG of the new car the number one thing I was looking for. That shortened the list quite a bit. In finally settled on the Nissan Versa. Yes the cabin feels as cheap as a jug of Vanilla straight from Mexico, and no, the engine isn't what you would call peppy. But I doubled my average MPG. And, its a Nissan. And I only paid 11,800. And it has a decent warranty.